Just got the new Plum 84 BT keyboard a few days ago and wanted to write a review on this beautiful keyboard!

Here are the boards I’ve previously tried and/or currently own:
Realforce 87U 45g, 55g
Realforce 104UG 45g, 55g
Leopold FC660C
Leopold FC980C
Plum 87
Out of box, the keyboard is beautiful and is well made. The case is very plastic-y, although it is sturdy and well put together. The keycaps are also pretty surprisingly nice – they are a pretty thick and are PBT material and fit the overall feel of the board, although I think there’s too many legends and stuff printed on it for my taste. I’ve been typing on the BT now and the connectivity is great, although I feel like sometimes it may miss a cap here and there but I’m not sure if that’s just a result of my poor typing or not (this is only if you go super, super fast, like for gaming).
Immediately upon getting the Plum 84 BT, I modded it with a 55g domeswap from the Hansung seller on Ebay, applied TechKeys thick krytox lube, and added the 20g springs that came with the board. Here’s a breakdown of the before and after experience.
Before Modifications:
Super light and smooth, best description is it feels like I’m typing on a cloud
Almost linear, but switches actually felt more tactile than my old Plum 87 (maybe thinner silencing rings – not sure what it is but it feels better)
Feels like you wished the stems were longer or that you could press down on it more, maybe due to the light weight and thick silencing rings or something?
After modifications:
Amazing experience! The keys feel super dense and are more tactile with the dome swap
Dome swap is heavier but not as heavy as 55g Topre – I actually think I should have gotten the 65g
20g springs add a TON of resistance – feels nice, but only if you like heavy switches
20g doesn’t necessarily make it more tactile, but the recoil of the springs make the upstroke quicker, which is kind of nice
Thick krytox lube helps to make switches smoother, but not as noticeable on the Plum than on other keyboards, oddly
Comparison to Topre:
Topre clones are not cheaper versions of Topre (although technically it is), they are its own category. This is the best way I can describe it
The experience is pleasant – they are much lighter, and softer whereas Topre is more tactile and crisper
Build quality on the big 3 Topre boards is much better – from the case to the caps, to everything
Just tried to jot some bullet points to make this easier to read. But overall, I love the Plum experience and it exceeded my expectations. As mentioned above, it’s different from my RF Hi-Pro that I currently use, and it’s pleasant being able to go back and forth from something super crisp and tactile to something smooth and soft. The BT capabilities are seriously so worth it (fell in love with HHKB BT that I owned for about a week), so I had to get a Plum BT, although it is on the pricier side ($150 at NizKeyboards). I will say that learning all these different functionalities is quite confusing and I’m still trying to fully configure this for my Mac OSX. I’m sure I’ll get it in due time, but yes, it is confusing.
Would be happy to answer any questions about the Plum and probably more importantly, comparisons to genuine Topre!

This is one of our customer David Kim for the good review. More detail you can check below.


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