About NIZ-keyboard price increases and discounts

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We meet again,

Regarding the question that many people have asked me about the new static capacitance switch in 2020, I declare here that there are currently two versions of the static capacitance switch developed. The version before V1 is V1, which has been discontinued. The v2 version produced in 2019 The static capacitance switch is a switch mold used by all NIZ keyboards and OEM brands, so there is no new switch in 2020. Please rest assured to buy the products currently on sale.


In addition, many people asked me why I need to increase the price on July 1. NIZ has kept the price unchanged for two years. It is also to allow more people to buy NIZ keyboards, but now because of the increasing costs, China’s sales this year The price has risen, and the price in the foreign market has also decided to upgrade on July 1st. In order to thank everyone for your support, the first NIZ discount activity is now starting:


Event link:  https://www.nizkeyboard.com/discount/NIZ5USD

Coupon amount: 5USD

Coupon code: NIZ5USD

Activity time: Now-June 30 20:00

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