2019 NEW Arrival Micro84 Bluetooth & USB EC Keyboard With RGB/Non RGB


New 2019 Micro 84 version



This updates the black version of micro84, using POM keycap. There are no pictures because the pictures are still being edited.

Delivery time: Within 3 days after order. Shipping by DHL/Fedex/TNT fast shipping.

-2019 new switch
– galvanized fixing plate
– Improved PCB
– Still good hand and good workmanship

We are glad to announce our -Micro84 EC Bluetooth with RGB and Non RGB


What's the difference for the NEW?

(Hot selling Bluetooth & USB EC keyboard 75/84/87/108 PRO keys (Non RGB) compare to the NEW one)


New version(top one) VS old version

  • The layout is different for the first line(ESC-Delete)
  • There are something change for the last line,two FN on the both side of spacebar, both are  independent.


  • See the pic,we change the usb to Type-c connector,better and easy to use
  • Backside trunking was the rounded design,which means it can protect the cable well

  • See the small circle,touch and hold the circle meanwhile press Fn+Bluetooth key
  • The old one was on the backside


  • Size: Length *Width*Height(31cm*13.3cm*2.5cm) Weight: 995g
  • Spring:10g/20g (Default 40-50pcs)
  • Switch: 35g Electro Capacitive
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Keycap Color: Grey White

  • "S"Means no bluetooth,and "Ble"means is bluetooth. “Ble RGB”means is bluetooth and RGB
    The layout is same but the difference is bluetooth or not bluetooth or RGB
    These are our new module of the 84 keys,so we have three kinds of choices.

micro 84 EC-Ble Black 35g, micro 84 EC-S Black 35g, micro84 EC-Ble 35g, micro84 EC-Ble RGB 35g, micro84 EC-S 35g

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