Plum Black 87/108 Water-Resistant EC Mechanical Keyboard Capacitive Keyboard (Non RGB)

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Plum 87/108 Keys Waterproof Capacitive keyboard  (Black)

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【Give away】EC keyboard Pressurization spring 10g
Smooth EC Switches, POM Keycaps

Brand: NIZ
Type: Water-resistant
Key: 87/108 keys
Interface: USB
Plug and play
Multimedia function key
30 g electro capacitive switches
Laser-engraved POM keycaps


108 POM non RGB, 87 POM non RGB

  1. Aamir Ali (verified owner)

    The keyboard was delivered to me after 2 days from placing my order, which is impressive since it came from Hong Kong to Houston, Texas!
    I purchased the 108 board. The board is great. I wasn’t sure what the top plate would look like in person, but now that I have it I can say that it looks like “space gray metal” and not as shiny as the image leads you to believe.

    Above the number pad are dedicated volume buttons that have a 2nd layer function of video control (play/pause, fwds, bckwds and stop). I haven’t tested the 2nd layer yet, but I tested the volume buttons and they work. The button above the subtraction button has “M” in a circle, but since the one page user guide is in Chinese I am not certain what it does. My guess is that it’s a macro recorder, but I don’t know.
    Okay, so I tried to find an English version of the guide, and from the guide for the 87 board, I now know that the circle-M button is a macro recorder, but I don’t know how or what to do with it.
    The board came with the short, rounded keycap puller and with a bag of extra springs, that I’m guessing are also 35g. I did not get the 2 extra keys that are shown with the 87 board, but that’s okay because I think those are the modifier caps for mac OS.

    It’s a solid board if you’re looking for a sleek and simple EC board. I just wish the user guide was in English so I could take full advantage of its features. But I’m just going to use this for the office, so I won’t be doing anything crazy with it. I’m actually waiting for my BKE redux heavy domes to come in so I can swap these 35g out for 60! (This was the cheapest way to get to this end game besides purchasing a used kb).

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