Hot selling Bluetooth & USB EC keyboard 75/84/87/108 PRO keys (Non RGB)



Note: Delivery time: 2-3days 

Free shipping via DHL/FEDEX/TNT,about 3-5days 


Notice:87 45g and 35g are out of stock,about 15-20days back in stock

Order 75/84/87/108 keys we will send free 10g/20g spring together to add the pressure grams


108 35G PBT (Non RGB), 108 45G PBT(Non RGB), 75 35G PBT (Non RGB), 75 45G PBT (Non RGB), 84 35G PBT (Non RGB), 84 45G PBT(Non RGB), 87 35G PBT (Non RGB), 87 45G PBT(Non RGB)


spring 10g, spring 20g