【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
Load image into Gallery viewer, 【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
Load image into Gallery viewer, 【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
Load image into Gallery viewer, 【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
Load image into Gallery viewer, 【GB】DUO82  Quick Order
Load image into Gallery viewer, 【GB】DUO82  Quick Order

【GB】DUO82 Quick Order

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Top case&Middle case

&Bottom case




1 Basic Information.
   1   Typing Angle: 6°
   2   Case options:
   Aluminum: Black, purple,  Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
   PC: white frosted
   3    Weight options:
   Brass: Black, purple, Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
   4   Plate options
     Brass:Black, purple,  Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
     FR4:Black with gold trim, White with platinum trim
    *Plates are 1.5mm thick
   5   Stabilizers
    Choice of:
    1 Costar stabilizers
    2 Cherry-style plate-mount stablizers
   *Each plate will be cut to support only one style of stabilizers
   6  Plate mounting system: Top mount
   7  PCB: NIZ EC PCB with type-C daughterboard,NIZ firmwire support
   8  Battery: 5000mah
   9  Keycaps: compatible with all heights of Cherry MX-style keycaps
  10  Domes: 35g/45g/50g/60g/65g
  11  Layout:
       75% layout
       1.75u Right Shift
       1u Right Ctrl, Fn, and Alt
       6.25u Spacebar
2  GB information
   1 Launch Date:2021.05.15(Beijing time 8:00),https://www.nizkeyboard.com/collections/duo-82
   2 Group Buy duration:the group buy will run for 7 days or until orders reach 200 units
   3 Shipping estimate:within 3 months after the close of the GB
   4 Price:basic kit 350usd(Paypal fee included)➕shipping( depends on destination )
               Wired suite:+135usd
               Bluetooth suite:+179usd
               BLE&RGB suite:+249usd
                (All suite are updated with new version  0601
               Additional domes:+30usd(84pcs)

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