【GB】DUO82 Quick Order

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Top case&Middle case

&Bottom case




1 Basic Information.
   1   Typing Angle: 6°
   2   Case options:
   Aluminum: Black, purple,  Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
   PC: white frosted
   3    Weight options:
   Brass: Black, purple, Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
   4   Plate options
     Brass:Black, purple,  Yellow, White, Blue,pink,orange
     FR4:Black with gold trim, White with platinum trim
    *Plates are 1.5mm thick
   5   Stabilizers
    Choice of:
    1 Costar stabilizers
    2 Cherry-style plate-mount stablizers
   *Each plate will be cut to support only one style of stabilizers
   6  Plate mounting system: Top mount
   7  PCB: NIZ EC PCB with type-C daughterboard,NIZ firmwire support
   8  Battery: 5000mah
   9  Keycaps: compatible with all heights of Cherry MX-style keycaps
  10  Domes: 35g/45g/50g/60g/65g
  11  Layout:
       75% layout
       1.75u Right Shift
       1u Right Ctrl, Fn, and Alt
       6.25u Spacebar
2  GB information
   1 Launch Date:2021.05.15(Beijing time 8:00),https://www.nizkeyboard.com/collections/duo-82
   2 Group Buy duration:the group buy will run for 7 days or until orders reach 200 units
   3 Shipping estimate:within 3 months after the close of the GB
   4 Price:basic kit 350usd(Paypal fee included)➕shipping( depends on destination )
               Wired suite:+135usd
               Bluetooth suite:+179usd
               BLE&RGB suite:+249usd
                (All suite are updated with new version  0601
               Additional domes:+30usd(84pcs)