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Warm tip: We only bear the export tariff of China, not the import tariff of the destination country, you can consult your own country's customs about the import tariff.

  • Keyboard description

A military quality competition level mechanical keyboard customized for hardcore E-sports games such as CF, CSGO, and OSU by a group of young people who are keen on E-sports events and work in the external equipment industry all the year round with three years of efforts.

  • Keyboard performance

In the competition, agility is the most important. Speed is the decisive factor. At the critical stage of the game, you just want your keyboard to keep up with your hand, and you don't want the keyboard to limit your APM. PLUM adopts super scan technology, which improves the response speed of the keyboard to a new level. Press a key, the signal will be transmitted to your computer within 0.001 seconds, and get feedback. Players of any type of competitive games need a keyboard whose performance can exceed their limits, because only in this way can they become better and not limited by equipment.

  • Keyboard shaft

In order to meet the needs of professional players for long-term consistent hand feel, high frequency, and long-term training and competitions, 84 equipped with Gateron  adopts customized fence silver pro shaft switch with high-quality raw materials (the military quality contact point is 6 times thicker than the normal one) and 62g pressure and military quality contact point to ensure performance and long-term trouble-free use.


  • Keyboard parameters

Keyboard layout: 84 keys, 5.5U space

Keycap layout: POM keycap with original height (100% matched Nissan PBT keycap and dye sublimation PBT keycap will be launched later)

No conflict of keys: no conflict of full USB keys (and no conflict firmware for 6 keys)

Key delay: the fastest delay of the first character is 1ms (different delay with different firmware)

Buffeting elimination delay: 20 / 30 / 40ms adjustable (the keyboard adopts super scanning technology, which can send code before buffeting elimination)

Shaft body: Gateron 62g customized fence silver shaft (42g trigger pressure, 62g bottom contact pressure, 1.2mm trigger key travel, 3.4mm total key travel)

Connection mode: USB

Wire: 2m black red braided wire

Warranty: 1 year

  • The influence of keyboard parameters on games
  1. How the keyboard works

Most mechanical keyboards: press the shaft → scan (determined by HZ) →buffeting elimination of the shaft (inherent in mechanical keyboards, most in 15-35ms) → code sending → wire (depending on the use environment and shielding property) → USB interface of the computer. The keyboard delay can roughly equal to the scanning time + buffeting elimination time (most in 16-42ms).

 PLUM mechanical keyboards: press the shaft → scan (determined by HZ) → first character code sending →wire (depending on the use environment and shielding property) → USB interface of the computer. The keyboard delay can roughly equal to the scanning time(1-8ms).

 Thin-film / optical axis / static capacitance keyboards: press the shaft → scan (determined by HZ) → code sending →filter fluctuations→wire (depending on the use environment and shielding property) → USB interface of the computer. The keyboard delay can roughly equal to the scanning time+ fluctuations filtering time(generally 5-15ms).

Express tracking

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There are usually three cases:

1. If you buy less than 99USD, we will usually send the product to you via 4PX.
2. If your product is higher than 99USD, then we usually send the product to you through DHL/FEDEX/JCEX....
3. If your order amount exceeds 99USD, but your country or address cannot be delivered via DHL/FEDEX/JCEX, then we will send the product through 4PX/EUB.
Note: Usually we will indicate the courier company and the courier number in the email sent to you.


DHL/FEDEX/4PX Can be queried through 17track


If you can't find the tracking information, you can contact us via "CONTACT"!


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