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Keyboard FAQ&Solution


If the keyboard is automatically triggered (excluding interference from wireless charging devices), there is no response

1.1 Whether the two ends of the keyboard cable (PC end and keyboard end) are correctly plugged in. If they are not fully plugged in, there will be automatic triggering.

1.2 Whether you accidentally switch the keyboard to the custom mode, the NIZ keyboard is full-key programmable, pay attention to observe the symbol Ⓜ on the side of the keycap, the indicator of the Ⓜ key lights up for a short time in the custom layer, you can switch by FN+Ⓜ.

1.3 Atom66/Atom68/micro84/87/108 keyboards can use FN+ESC to shield the keyboard keys (the full keyboard does not respond). This function is to prevent children from accidentally pressing them. Press FN+ESC again to switch to normal mode.

1.4 If it is an rgb version of the keyboard, please rule out the lack of power supply of the keyboard itself. Usually it may be insufficient battery lighting in Bluetooth mode or insufficient power supply of the USB port of the PC device. At this time, you can turn off the RGB to test whether the fault still exists.

1.5 Try to restore the factory settings, while pressing the following four keys ESC+left ctrl+right ctrl+f12 for 5 seconds (66, 68, 75, 84 is to press and hold the keys in the four corners of the keyboard for more than 5 seconds).

1.6 If it is a win7 computer, pay attention to check whether the usb driver is complete, use the driver to find and update the usb driver.

1.7 Some Pro support u+p ports. In usb mode, press Fn+BackSpace for more than 5 seconds, the indicator flashes twice for PS/2 automatic identification and USB plug-in identification, and once flashes for USB automatic identification.

If the above methods are invalid, contact the seller to confirm whether after-sales is required.

 The keyboard can be entered normally but the programming software cannot be connected

2.1 Please make sure that the key sequence in the lower left corner of the keyboard is ctrl-win-alt (usually this situation will appear in mac users, because the key sequence of mac users is ctrl-alt-win) The switching method is FN+ALT and hold for 3 seconds

 About the Bluetooth adapter connection method

3.1 The NIZ Bluetooth adapter does not need to install a driver, and it can be used normally when it is inserted into the USB port of the PC device. As long as the PC device supports the USB-HID protocol, the system can be used.

3.2 System supported by the Bluetooth adapter: win XP/7/8/10 Linux Mac IOS Android system

3.3 Support the recognition and use of BIOS.

3.4 Support the transfer line of Type-C interface.

3.5 The NIZ Bluetooth adapter theory can only support NIZ keyboards, but many netizens have tested that it can support other Bluetooth devices (NIZ cannot guarantee the support of other Bluetooth devices)

How to use NIZ Bluetooth adaptation:

3.6.1 Insert the adapter into the USB port of the computer, press and hold the button in the middle of the adapter for 3 seconds and then release it (this is to clear the original adaptation information in the adapter). After the removal is successful, the adapter will automatically start searching for the device. The indicator light of the Bluetooth adapter will flash quickly.

3.6.2 FN+bluetooth 1 or bluetooth 2 or bluetooth 3 Press and hold for 3 seconds, the keyboard bluetooth indicator will flash quickly, and it will automatically complete the pairing connection with the adapter. (If you change other PC devices, you only need to insert the adapter into the PC device to use the keyboard directly, no need to pair)

 The win button cannot be used

4.1 FN+WIN is to lock the win key. If you press FN+ALT to switch the position of win and alt after locking, the win key trigger cannot be detected. So please press FN+WIN to unlock at this time.

 How to switch between wired and Bluetooth

5.1FN+DEL (usually the side-engraved symbols are ~, -, F12) can quickly switch Bluetooth devices in wired connection mode.


Currently you are using a wired connection to a computer, but at this time you need to switch the keyboard to Bluetooth 2 (mobile PC device) that has been paired beforehand, then you can switch to Bluetooth mode by FN+DEL, and then press FN+Bluetooth 2 is fine.


 What should I do if F1-F12 become multimedia buttons under Linux system

6.1 The system recognizes the keyboard as an Apple wireless keyboard under Linux, so the HID-apple driver of the system needs to cause the F area to be unrecognized. The solution is to find an un-appled patch and install it through Arch's wiki.1

Capacitance calibration software download address:

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