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  1. If the products have no obvious incomplete or functional problems, refund shall not be allowed. (Because all the unpacking and used products cannot be resold)
  2. If the refund is needed because of personal preference and the products are not used. Refund can be chosen, but you need to pay the freight for returning to China and the freight sent by NIZ, in general, we need to deduct 20USD from return payment of goods.
  3. If you rejection without communication or no reasons,we will deduct 40USD from the return payment.
  4. All the return products need to be packed well to guarantee the products and packaging are in good condition.
  5. All the products return to China shall be checked by us to see whether it is intact. In case of any damage or any situation can be deemed as damage, we will choose to deduct part of good payment or no refund. (In general, the video of removing the packing can be provided)
  6. All the refunds will be refunded within 7 days after receiving products and ensuring the products in good condition (if there are no problems, refund shall be carried out in time)


    Please follow these steps under the wrong products are sent by NIZ

    1. Mail the keyboard to the warehouse of the courier service company cooperated with NIZ in global, the products shall be sent to China by the warehouse. Please send the name of the courier service company and tracking number after sending express delivery to:
    1. In general, NIZ will arrange to send the right products to customers after the products received by the warehouse.
    1. Please do not choose the express whose logistics information cannot be tracked


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