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Note: these are just inner parts &QMK PCB, not including Alu top/bottom case and keycaps,if you would like the Alu case, please add it to the shopping cart with the following link.

N87 Alu top and bottom case

The inner parts are only for NIZ X87 series(except WF87), other model can't be used, no PCB and keycaps included.

Inner parts spec:

  • EC switches
  • Conical springs
  • Costar stabilizers
  • Aluminum plate
  • EC silicone domes(35g/45g)

QMK PCB(wired) spec:

N87 QMK PCB(wired),Type-C daughter board

What's QMK PCB

QMK PCB supports MAC OS and can be compatible with QMK/VIA.

Please be kindly noted that the QMK PCB is only for X87 series(except WF87).

Warm tip: We only bear the export tariff of China, not the import tariff of the destination country, you can consult your own country's customs about the import tariff.

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