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Welcome the smallest Atom 66 to NiZ family

  • Brand: NIZ
  • Type: EC keyboard
  • Size: Length *Width*Height(29.5cm*11cm*2.5cm)
  • Weight: 590-900g
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Keycap Color: Grey White
  • Spring:10g (Default 40-50pcs)
  • Switch: 35g/45g Electro Capacitive
  • Key: 66 keys
  • Interface: USB / bluetooth 5.0

Niz Atom 66 Keyboard

Currently NiZ have 75/84/87/108keys for the electro capacitive keyboard ,but now we have the smallest member to our family-  atom66. From the layout,it looks like Filco’s minila, also similar to hhkb.This keyboard is based on the layout of minila and hhkb ,we collected the user’s suggestion to adjust to get this model.Type-c connector.

Programmable Keyboard

Atom 66 is freely programmable and macro-compatible as well. RGB can be programmed.


  • "USB"Means no bluetooth,and "Ble"means is bluetooth."Ble RGB"means is bluetooth and RGB.
  • The layout is the same but the difference is Bluetooth or not Bluetooth or RGB.

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