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This is the latest V6 version.

Included the Wired and Bluetooth in White and Black now!!! 


  • Brand: NIZ
  • Type: EC keyboard
  • Size: Length *Width*Height(31.8cm*13.4cm*2.5cm)
  • Weight: 760-1150g
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Keycap Color: Pink Green Grey White(New model with two-colour keycaps)
  • Spring: 10g (Default 40-50pcs)
  • Switch: 35g capacitive switches
  • Key: 84 keys
  • Interface: USB 


The Mini84 V6 Pro construction consists of a rubber dome fitted with a slider, topped with a coil spring, and a printed circuit board. 35 grams of pressure switch gives you a gentle feel, while mechanical players can add a 10-gram spring for added tapping.


A new model with two-colour keycaps, the board is durable and resistant to the oils that build up from your fingertips over time. Two-stage support leg structure and high damping anti-skid pad. Visual, tactile double enjoyment.


The Mini84 Pro V6 is freely programmable and macro-compatible as well. Built with the latest USB-C connection, it’s fast and efficient.


  • "USB" Means no Bluetooth, and "Ble" means Bluetooth."Ble RGB" means Bluetooth and RGB.
  • The layout is the same but the difference is Bluetooth or not Bluetooth or RGB.

Warm tip: We only bear the export tariff of China, not the import tariff of the destination country, you can consult your own country's customs about the import tariff.

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